Beginner Obedience

Beginner Class exposes new and experienced dog owners to the training that dogs need for good manners at home and in public, and perhaps for eventual obedience competition. This class also provides you the opportunity to teach your dog appropriate behavior in the presence of other people and dogs. All training is done on leash.

Specifically tailored to dogs six months and older with no previous training, our Beginner course gives your pet a solid foundation of basic behaviors. Untrained adolescent and adult dogs can become easily distracted by their environment, which is why it’s important to work on coming when called, leash-pulling, and impulse-control exercises like “stay,” “leave it” and “sit.”

Our dog trainers are patient and skilled, helping manage untrained dogs throughout the Beginner dog training course. You’ll see great results, and the frequent rewards you provide your dog during each stage of training will make her more attentive to you.

  • Name recognition & paying attention
  • Leash handling Grooming & handling
  • Sits & downs without physical or food prompts & at various distances
  • Stays
  • Loose lead walking (heeling)
  • Recalls
  • Help with common behavior problems
  • An introduction to simple cues, such as “sit,” “come” and “leave it”
  • “Drop” to drop any and all things you ask them to.
  • “Off” means: do not jump on me or anyone else.
  • “Come” as an emergence command.
  • Work on problem solving
  • Learn basic house manners
  • Formal & fun recalls
  • “Finish” (return to heel position)
  • Exposure to exercises from the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Importance of play & exercise in your dog’s routine
  • Responsible dog ownership
  • A bit of trick training

Be sure to dress appropriately!

NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS are allowed in group classes.

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